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Learn how to work with new and expecting mothers to optimize their health, fitness, and safety during exercise.
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Course Overview

Turn into a Pre and Post Natal Specialist!

Our globally-recognized Pre & Post Natal Course will introduce qualified Level 3 FitnessProfessionals to the skills needed to guide new and expecting mothers on their fitness journey, through each pregnancy trimester and after childbirth. Physical activity during and after pregnancy requires specialized knowledge and attention to ensure the mother and baby’s optimal health. Learners will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge as well as practical tools to empower soon-to-be and new moms to continue their physical exercise journey, safely and effectively. What sets this course apart is the deep insight IFA’s expert instructors in the field can offer when it comes to current guidelines and recommendations for work with pre- and post-natal clients – helping you think outside the box as part of our applied ‘Train the Trainer’ modules.

Course Modules

Unit 1: Pregnancy-specific Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and Exercise Factors
gives learners insights into the anatomy and function of the human body, with special consideration to pre- and post-natal clients. You will understand changes that take place in each trimester of pregnancy, including to the respiratory, musculoskeletal, metabolic and hormonal systems, and learn how to assess your clients to optimally adjust their nutrition and training.
Unit 2: Pre & Post Natal Exercise Guidelines and Program Design
takes a close look at the concepts and application of effective Personal Training sessions that are adjusted to the client’s unique abilities and their pre- and post-natal condition. You will learn how to design and implement an individualized, safe, and effective exercise program.
Unit 3: Physical Conditions Associated with Pregnancy
introduces learners to specific considerations that need to be given to clients at various stages of their pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Every minute detail can become the deciding factor for your client’s safety level while they are in your professional hands in the gym.
Unit 4: Practical Instruction
forms the cornerstone of your professional practice. We take learners into the gym to gain the skills and knowledge required to plan, prepare, instruct, and supervise a safe and effective gym-based exercise program, suitable to your pre- and post-natal client’s needs and fitness level.

Course Details

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for learners looking for a specialization in the pre- and post-natal exercise practice. Therefore, holding a Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate is the minimum prerequisite.

Note that the course requires physical activity and individual participation, thus a degree of physical fitness is an advantage. You will also need to engage in elements of communication (discussion, presentation, reading, and writing) that require an adequate level of English language skills.

Course Assessment

To attain the IFA Pre & Post Natal Certificate, the student must:

• Score a minimum of 70% in a multiple-choice exam

• Pass a practical examination

• Complete a Learner Assessment Record

Employment Opportunities

The Pre & Post Natal qualification will unlock doors to the rapidly-growing health and fitness sector in Qatar and the wider Middle East region. The dynamic employment landscape is marked by an array of new opportunities, ranging from upcoming gyms, leisure clubs and a revolving client roster, as Qatar’s booming economy is attracting motivated people from all over the world. You are guaranteed to meet and impact a diverse group of people, whilst playing a part in the budding fitness scene.

The IFA team is also dedicated to linking successful learners with local employment opportunities and to provide guidance in making an informed career choice that will further your professional development. IFA can also provide recommendation letters for students that show excellence in etiquette, professionalism, timekeeping, and employability throughout their time with us. Learners could potentially gain employment as:

• Fitness Instructor/Gym Instructor with a specialization for pre- and post-natal clients

• A Pre and Post Natal Specialist at a gym or health center

Upcoming Courses

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