Set Science-Backed Goals & Program Nutrition for Exercise!

The IFA's Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Course aims to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to confidently offer nutritional advice to clients within the fitness sector. This qualification will enable learners to analyse their client’s nutritional habits and learn how to set realistic goals to help improve weight management and encourage healthy eating.

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To start your journey with IFA, you can either fill in our contact form via the link below or give us a call. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the requirements, upcoming start dates and the ideal attendance format for you, whether you decide to join us virtually or in-person in the classroom. Once we’ve settled the details, our team will finalize your official registration. You will receive a confirmation email with immediate lifetime access to study materials like class PowerPoint slides, course e-book, hours of content in the video resource library and more!

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Course Duration
1 Week (Monday to Monday / Weekend Off)
class Hours
10:00 am to 1:30 pm or 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
In-Class or Live Virtual
Total Cost
2499 QAR

IFA Professional Support and Employment Opportunities

The Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity qualification will strengthen your entry into the rapidly-growing health and fitness sector locally and the wider Middle East region. The dynamic employment landscape is marked by an array of new opportunities, ranging from upcoming gyms, leisure clubs and a revolving client roster, as the booming economy is attracting motivated people from all over the world. You are guaranteed to meet and impact a diverse group of people, whilst playing a part in the budding fitness scene.

The IFA team is also dedicated to linking successful learners with local employment opportunities and to provide guidance in making an informed career choice that will further your professional development. IFA can also provide recommendation letters for students that show excellence in etiquette, professionalism, timekeeping, and employability throughout their time with us.

‍Course Assessment

To attain the IFA Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Certificate, the student must:
• Score a minimum of 70% in the Principles of Nutrition Exam
• Complete a Learner Assessment Record

Course Units

Course Units

Unit 1: Foundations of Nutrition

lays the groundwork for your understanding of the interplay of various nutrients, the body’s energy systems, the role of supplements, and how you can assess and optimize your client’s nutritional needs.

Unit 2: Setting Nutrition Goals

introduces the professional skillset needed to analyze nutritional habits and set realistic goals to help improve weight management and encourage healthy eating.

Unit 3: Programing Nutrition for Exercise

makes a clear connection between our nutritional habits and their implications on fitness and performance. You will understand how to support your client’s fitness goals through an effective, tailored nutrition program.