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The mixture of cardiovascular, strength and endurance systems working together in a Kettle bell session make this one of the best fitness tools on the market.
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Course Overview

Movement Inspired by Strongmen of the Past!

A long-standing staple of many power endurance competitions and exercise regimens, the kettlebell – a cast-iron or cast steel ball – represents a uniquely versatile and effective training tool. With the IFA Kettlebell Instructor Course, you will gain the necessary skills and techniques to understand, handle and teach kettlebell exercise sessions, providing your clients with the benefits and proper safety considerations of a kettlebell training program. Furthermore, you will elevate your own training by incorporating this explosive piece of equipment as part of your cardiovascular, strength or power regimen.

Course Modules

Unit 1: History of the Kettlebell
lays the foundation for your understanding and practice of kettlebell for exercise. From its earliest emergence, we explore how the cast iron evolved into a beloved form of fitness and exercise.
Unit 2: Foundational & Advanced Kettlebell Techniques
starts with the basics of the kettlebell swing, rack position, press, clean, and snatch, before taking learners into more complex movements that can be adjusted for all training goals.
Unit 3: Instructing Kettlebell Sessions
challenges our learners to conceptualize, design, and deliver their own kettlebell workout. With your classmates as the ‘test clients’, you can apply all theoretical and practical concepts from the course in your live teaching.

Course Details

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:
• Understand the history of Kettlebell exercise
• Understand the training progression related to kettlebell exercises
• Understand the benefits of kettlebell training
• Demonstrate and apply correct technique of kettlebell exercises
• Identify safety issues related to kettlebell training

Student Entry Requirements

Learners must have previously completed a Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification, either at IFA or equivalent, must possess an adequate level of English language skills and must demonstrate sufficient physical fitness to participate in the practical class components.

Course Assessment

To become an IFA certified Kettlebell Instructor, the student must:
• Attend both course days (10 hours total)
• Complete an assessment workbook
• Pass the practical examination

Employment Opportunities

On successful completion of this qualification, you will be able to lead group kettlebell sessions as part of your personal training or fitness instructor role. You may also gain employment as a:
• Kettlebell Instructor (health & fitness club / gym)

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