Our Team

Because achieving a top of the line educational experience is a team sport
Khalid Abu Amine

Khalid is the founder of International Fitness Alliance. He has a passion for fitness education and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Khalid has been involved in competitive sports his entire life.

Lead Instructor
Shahid Khalid

Shahid is the Head Tutor at International Fitness Alliance. Shahid's passion and love for his students is hard to hide. He is extremely entertaining and patient in his teaching style - to say he will go above and beyond for his students is an understatement. A student favorite without a doubt!

Katja Novakovic

Combining a background in editing with a passion for fitness & nutrition, Katja is in charge of portfolios, student certifications and content creation across IFA's range of print and digital platforms. Let her eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of health and fitness guide you across the finish line of your own fitness education journey!

Karwan Mohammed

Karwan is an Instructor at our Bahrain office, where he motivates students through his approachable and enthusiastic teaching style. His commitment to consistent performance and physique development stems from his passion for calisthenics.


Adam is extremely knowledgable in the science behind fitness due to his eductional experiance as an exercise scientist. His excellent ability in delivering and presentating class topics leave students always excited to be a part of his classes. You can be sure that classes are fun with Adam involved!

Quality Assurance

Pete was a Consultant Quality Assurer for a number of organizations including Saudi REPS, Ireland Active, Malta REPS. Previously worked with Europe active as Lead External Verifier and ActiveIQ as an External Verifier. He is the Co-Founder at IQA education, a company designed on integrating the roles of quality assures and assessors within the International market.