Khalid Abu Amine

Khalid is the Founder & CEO of International Fitness Alliance. An elite athlete for most of his life, Khalid is a former professional basketball player for several European Club Teams and most recently was inducted into his College Basketball Hall of Fame in the U.S. Khalid has over 20 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, working in gyms in the US, UK and GCC. He has managed a chain of gyms in the GCC under the Just be Active Brand and in 2012 founded a full time Fitness Education Company, the first of its kind in the region. The company International Fitness Alliance, a UK based franchise, has delivered fitness courses in every country in the GCC and currently has full time offices in Qatar and Bahrain. IFA has 1000’s of graduates working in health and fitness all over the world and continues to be one of the most innovative and impactful fitness companies in the world. Khalid has also been involved in the Qatar Foundation Science and Technology Park Accelerator Program where he and a partner were awarded a 100,000USD grant to develop a fitness platform to pitch phase in 2016, and currently mentors program members in developing their technologies into viable businesses. An internationally recognized Fitness Educator, Khalid has a Bachelors in Health Services & Exercise Sports Science, from D’Youville College in New York, as well as a plethora of international fitness certifications and he continues to attend fitness and education courses and programs to this day. His lifelong passion and mission is to Raise the Standards for Health & Fitness Globally.

Melody Mercedes

Melody is from New York, USA and is an experienced manager in government operations and organizational development, as well as an internationally Certified Life Coach and Training Facilitator with a passion for social entrepreneurship. As one of the global executives at International Fitness Alliance, she is the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), responsible for operations and international business development, including IFA’s Corporate Wellness Programs and Student Professional Development and Career Services. Melody has 15 years of experience in project management, program development, government, public relations, and organizational development. As a Life Coach, she brings 10 years of experience in personal and professional development coaching. Melody has extensive experience designing and delivering programs and workshops concerning a variety of topics; her expertise is in women’s empowerment, personal transformation, leadership development, social innovation, and effective communication. She has worked in various leadership and management roles across multiple industries. Her ambitious and uplifting approach to leadership, combined with her creative mindset, keen attention to detail, and actionable attitude toward streamlining processes has always strengthened each team and organization that she has been a part of.

Lead Instructor
Rory O'Sullivan

Rory is from South Africa and has been a Health & Fitness Coach for more than 5 years. After being a successful Lawyer, he decided to make the change from the court room to the gym and pursue a journey in health, fitness and personal development. Rory is an internationally Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionsit, Life Coach and NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. He has worked with people 1-1, in group classes and workshops, and in immersive retreat settings as well as speaking engagements all within the field of health, fitness and performance psychology. Rory brings a profound passion for learning and training trainers in his role as Instructor & Coach, delivering IFA internationally recognized qualifications in Qatar and around the GCC.

Lead Instructor
Nayla Al Sabba

Nayla is from Bahrain and received both her Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the University of Nottingham, in England, U.K. An internationally certified Personal Trainer, she has had the privilege of working at some of the most exclusive gyms in Bahrain, catering to an elite clientele. Nayla's unwavering commitment to empowering others with comprehensive knowledge about health, and fitness, as well as nurturing their enthusiasm to transform their passion for fitness into a career has made her an invaluable member of IFA’s Education Team. She has seamlessly assumed the role of an exceptional Instructor, delivering internationally recognized IFA qualifications in Bahrain and the GCC region.

Lead Instructor
Anna Gibson

Anna is from the U.K, lived in Switzerland for almost a decade and calls Bahrain her home for the past few years. Her lifelong passion for fitness and teaching others has led her to become a highly respected internationally certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Specialist and Group Exercise Instructor. Anna is also a highly sought-after Module Trainer, Presenter and Assessor for Les Mills Middle East and Reebok Brand Ambassador. Anna became an Instructor & Coach at International Fitness Alliance (IFA) in 2021, delivering IFA internationally recognized qualifications and popular workshops for all fitness levels in Bahrain, Saudi and Qatar. Anna brings with her more than 15 years of experience in group exercise fitness, personal training, management, training trainers, as well as developing, and presenting fitness education trainings and classes all over the world. A life long student passionate about up skilling, the list of Anna's fitness certifications would fill a small book. She has a wealth of experience within the fitness industry and fitness clients that range from the U.K to Switzerland, South Africa, India, and throughout the GCC.

Charis Maguire

Charis is from South Africa and is currently based in Qatar. She has been an internationally certified Personal Trainer for over 11 years with an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Metabolic Syndrome, Certifications in TRX, Yoga, Pilates, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Masters Degree in Business Communication. Charis specializes in Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit, HIIT, mental performance (mood, energy, overcoming stress, depression and improving self-confidence). She is a fun and bubbly trainer, her biggest passion in life is helping motivate and guide clients to become the best version of themselves, mind and body.

Nathalie Moncayo

Nathalie Moncayo is originally from Columbia but spent most of her life and career in Canada and Qatar. She received her Kinesiology Degree from the University of Calgary, Canada, is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and is an internationally certified Personal Trainer, as well as a former professional football player for the Qatar National Football Team. As a Kinesiologist, Nathalie is obsessed with studying human body movement especially in sports performance and fitness training. As a member of the IFA Education Team, Nathalie is a dedicated and passionate Instructor & Coach, delivering IFA internationally recognized qualifications in Qatar and the GCC.

Assessor / Instructor

Adam is extremely knowledgable in the science behind fitness due to his eductional experiance as an exercise scientist. His excellent ability in delivering and presentating class topics leave students always excited to be a part of his classes. You can be sure that classes are fun with Adam involved!

Business Development Manager
Ghalya Humaid

Ghalya Humaid is a dynamic professional with Bahraini-Syrian heritage, known for her passion for logistics and fitness. Ghalya's career is marked by a variety of roles that showcase her adaptability and eagerness to learn. Her experience ranges from hospitality as a Barista/Waitress to more corporate roles such as Sales Executive and Marketing Specialist. In her personal life, Ghalya is an avid socializer and explorer. She enjoys discovering new places, meeting new people, and is always open to learning from others' life experiences. This curiosity and openness to new experiences reflect her commitment to continuous personal growth. At her current role in IFA, Ghalya greatly appreciates the supportive and family-like work environment. She believes in the power of teamwork and values the mutual care for each other's well-being and success within the organization. Her unique blend of professional experience, coupled with her diverse interests, makes her an invaluable asset to any team she is part of.

Quality Assurance

Pete was a Consultant Quality Assurer for a number of organizations including Saudi REPS, Ireland Active, Malta REPS. Previously worked with Europe active as Lead External Verifier and ActiveIQ as an External Verifier. He is the Co-Founder at IQA education, a company designed on integrating the roles of quality assures and assessors within the International market.