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The first step in fitness certification, IFA’s Fitness Instructor Course will qualify you to train clients in a gym or a fitness club.
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Your First Step in Fitness Instruction!

Our recognized Fitness Instructor Certificate is aimed at creating new group leaders in gym-based exercise, who are qualified to instruct, supervise and impact the health and well-being of clients throughout all aspects of coaching. This qualification will provide your clients with the assurance that you have the knowledge, competencies and skills that meet internationally-agreed fitness and health industry standards. As such, this certification opens the door to both local and global employment opportunities within a variety of sectors, ranging from gyms, health and leisure clubs, or freelancing. Learners will gain an in-depth understanding of the core principles of exercise, gym-based instruction as well as health and safety regulations, which will establish a high professional competency level that allows independent design and delivery of effective fitness instruction in the context of gym-based exercise.  Note that the IFA Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate is also a pre-requisite to enroll in the advanced IFA Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate.

Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology
for an in-depth look into the anatomy and function of the human body, from bone formation and growth to energy systems and movement patterns. You will explore the five major body systems, while looking at the interplay of exercise and short and long-term responses of the body.
Unit 2: Principles of Exercise
to learn the components of fitness, effects of exercise and good nutrition. You will learn how to create effective exercise programs for different clients, including key safety guidelines for special populations, monitoring exercise intensity, health benefits of physical activity, and healthy eating.
Unit 3: Supporting and Communicating with Clients
provides background on ongoing customer service and introduces techniques to effectively support and motivate clients. We emphasize communication and productive working relationships, and teach how to identify and address barriers to exercise.
Unit 4: Gym Health & Safety
is a key component for any fitness professional, who must be legally-aware of their organization’s health and safety policies and procedures. We take a close look at emergency procedures, health and safety requirements, and most importantly, risk control in a fitness environment.
Unit 5: Practical Instruction
forms the cornerstone of your professional practice. We take learners into the gym to gain the skills and knowledge required to plan, prepare, instruct, and supervise a safe and effective gym-based exercise program, suitable to a client’s needs and fitness level.

Course Details

Employment Opportunities

The Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification will unlock doors to the rapidly-growing health and fitness sector locally and the wider Middle East region. The dynamic employment landscape is marked by an array of new opportunities, ranging from upcoming gyms, leisure clubs and a revolving client roster, as our local booming economy is attracting motivated people from all over the world. You are guaranteed to meet and impact a diverse group of people, whilst playing a part in the budding fitness scene.

Learners could potentially gain employment as:
• Fitness Instructor/Gym Instructor
• Exercise Instructor

Ladies Only / Virtual Options

This course is available to students in the form of mixed classes or ladies only classes. Furthermore, the course can be attended virtually from home through Zoom except for some practical days. Ask us about these options when you get in contact with us.

Flexible Payment Options

IFA offers installment payment options to all its students. You can pay for the courses you wish to take in monthly payments during which you can already start the learning process. The installment payments are interest free and there are no extra costs or hidden fees. If you wish to pay in installments, please let our team know in your next communication with us. Furthermore, students that have taken courses with us in the past get special prices, please let us know if you are an old student of IFA to claim your discount.

IFA Professional Support

The IFA team is also dedicated to linking successful learners with local employment opportunities and to provide guidance in making an informed career choice that will further your professional development. IFA can also provide recommendation letters for students that show excellence in etiquette, professionalism, timekeeping, and employability throughout their time with us.

Course Accreditation

IFA work's with UK Awarding body Focus Awards in order to ensure that our courses are delivered to International standard and graduates are given access to Register with REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals). The IFA Certificate in Fitness Instructing has been accredited on the ‘Regulated Qualification Framework’ (RQF) in the UK, providing an additional assurance towards the quality of the vocational qualification.

Course Assessment

To attain the IFA Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate, the student must:
• Score a minimum of 70% in both written theory-exams (Anatomy and Physiology & Principles of Exercise)
• Pass a practical examination
• Complete a Learner Assessment Record

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for learners looking for a comprehensive introduction to the principles of health and fitness, therefore we require little to no prior experience as an instructor. However, it is highly recommended to gain some experience of gym-based exercise including machine and free weights prior to course entry.

Note that the course requires physical activity and individual participation, thus a degree of physical fitness is an advantage. You will also need to engage in elements of communication (discussion, presentation, reading, and writing) that require an adequate level of English language skills.

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